Lotus Elan Sprint front

Retro Road Test: Lotus Elan Sprint

Chapman's diminutive Elan is utterly captivating _ There is a wonderful delicacy to the word ‘Elan’. The dictionary definition reads: ‘Vigorous spirit or enthusiasm’, and it truly embodies the soul of this car. In fact, I cannot think of another model design...
75%Fun for $30K

2015 Kia pro_cee’d GT Review

 Curious name, convincing performance _ In Italy, it's very easy to make your model lineup sound sexy. 'Quattroporte', to take Maserati as an example, translates to 'four door', which is actually rather unimaginative. Other manufacturers like to deal ...
Porsche Boxster GTS front three quarter

2015 Porsche Boxster GTS review

GTS badge further focuses Boxster's dynamic sparkle _ Purity. It's an enviable trait, wherever it's discovered: dustily unearthed from a diamond mine, in the joy of a child's face on Christmas morning... or from behind the wheel of a Porsche Boxster GTS. ...