Elise S Club Racer gets lift upmarket

The terms ‘Lotus’ and ‘comfort’ are no longer mutually exclusive, with the previously-optional ‘comfort equipment park’ now fitted standard to the Lotus Elise S Club Racer.


“Following the launch of the Lotus Elise S Club Racer last year, the majority of customers have opted for the comfort pack,” said Glen Sealey, General Manager of Lotus Australia and New Zealand. “The comfort pack makes the S Club Racer not just a more practical car for everyday use, it also means it is practical for owners to drive their Club Racer to some of the more remote race tracks where they are able to fully explore the abilities of their Lotus.”

For us, the most significant change is in the suspension. The Elise S Club Racer’s track-focused setup is ditched in favour of a standard, non-adjustable front anti-roll bar and suspension package. The comfort pack does add a fully convertible roof, four-speaker digital audio, aluminium passenger footrest, front mudflaps and central locking. Further reducing rawness is the addition of sound insulation from the Elise S.

Lotus now points to the naturally-aspirated Elise Club Racer as the vehicle to deliver ‘the full track day car experience’, as the comfort package remains optional. It retains its adjustable front anti-roll bar and weighs only 852kg; 24kg less than the standard Elise.

Eibach co-axial coil springs and monotube Bilstein dampers feature on both models, as they do across the Elise range. AP Racing twin-pot aluminium front calipers and sliding-piston Brembo rear brake calipers clamp AP Racing discs all-’round.


Both Elise Club Racer variants retain dynamic performance management (DPM), which can be switched to a sport mode, or completely off if you so desire. Of course, the switchable system is busier in the Elise S Club Racer, which has 60 per cent more power (163kW versus 100kW) than the naturally-aspirated variant and can hit 100km/h from rest in 4.6sec. For the record, the NA Elise Club Racer stops that clock after 6.5sec.

The Lotus Elise S Club Racer is available from $84,990 plus on-road costs, while the naturally-aspirated Elise Club Racer starts at $74,990.



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