A good barn find stirs any car enthusiast’s imagination of what could be, but unfortunately it’s the timely and expensive restoration process that sees a glorious resurrection either coming to a halt or going terribly wrong.

When a Porsche enthusiast uncovered a wrecked Porsche 911 2.5 S/T deteriorating as a dismantled lump of parts, it was a case where another rare classic may have been lost to low budget enthusiasm. Fortunately, this enthusiast had the budget to ship the car to Stuttgart where Porsche Classic undertook the job of restoring the historic racing car to its former glory.

Porsche-911-2.5-ST (5)

Based on the 911 2.4 S, the 2.5 S/T was produced to compete in Group 3 and celebrated its height of success when it won in class at Le Mans in 1972. Only 24 of the cars were produced.

Porsche Classic faced many difficulties during the restoration process as the car had been modified numerous times before being left to rust after a damaging accident. To top it off, the roof was ruined when kids had used it for jumping practice.Porsche-911-2.5-ST (8)

Porsche Classic reproduced an entirely new roof panel to replace the crumpled original and had to fabricate other body parts by hand. The whole process took two years and now we are presented with the completed machine in period correct paint and decals.

The rare piece of motor racing history will make its first rejuvenated appearance at this year’s Techno Classica in Essen, Germany, before being shipped back to its owner in the United States.

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