The most powerful GT to date had to unveil itself sooner than later if it is to make its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in June this year.


The confirmed but yet to be seen Mercedes-AMG GT R has been caught in camo cladding while testing at Norschleife. The current 4.0-litre V8 twin-turbocharged GT S produces 375kW and 700Nm of power and we expect the R, which is a track-focused GT, to produce up to 450kW in conjunction with four-wheel steering and active aerodynamics.

The GT’s approach into the right-hander at the ‘Green Hell’ remains flat and stable, even when pushed while TRC is flickering on. From the video we can also see alterations to the front splitter and grill, and notably a central exhaust at the rear with a big black wing on top that looks very Black Edition-ish.

There was some buzz that Mercedes-AMG is gearing up for an AMG GT Black Edition after this GT spotting at Nordschleife, and while according to AMG Chairman Tobias Moers there is a GT Black Edition coming, it won’t be until after the GT convertible which is scheduled for 2017.

Moers is keen on utilising the GT model as a base for more than just a few high-performance coupes, and we might find a four-door version in the future to compete against the Porsche Panamera.


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