Lamborghini Polo Storico was given the task of restoring a Lamborghini Miura SV; the same car that featured at the Geneva motor show in 1971. It is now on display at the Amelia Island concours event in celebration of the car’s 50th anniversary.

At the ’71 Geneva motor show, the Miura SV was shown off on Bertone’s stand sharing the spotlight with a new Lamborghini Countach. The #4846 (chassis number) Miura SV on show was a pre-production model. It was made particularly special by the fact that it retained parts from the previous Miura S, but also boasted features that would be later seen on production SVs.

Miura_Profilo Aperta

One year ago, Lamborghini Polo Storico aimed to restore #4846 to its ‘perfect original state’. After a great deal of research and careful study of historic documentation, the team was able to revive this significant Miura.

The Lambo is coated in Verde Metallizata and finished with tan leather. Just like its original self, the car sports a mixture of both Miura S and SV components.

Miura_Visuale Trequarti

“This is a very important car, not only for its place in history as the Geneva show car and the forerunner of future Miura SV models built, but as the first completed project of Lamborghini Polo Storico,” said Enrico Maffeo, Head of Polo Storico. “We are delighted to be able, with the consent of the owner, to show this car for the first time in its perfectly restored state, at the important Amelia Island event.

“This is the year in which the Lamborghini Miura celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. This car not only illustrates the iconic appeal of the Miura, widely acknowledged as the forerunner of modern super sports models, but is also a perfect example of the expertise available in Lamborghini PoloStorico in providing the most authentic Lamborghini restorations.”


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