Porsche evokes its racing history at the 2016 Geneva motor show with its 60’s inspired 911R. 

In an attempt to display its commitment to ’emotional high-performance sports cars’, Porsche developed the 911R. With a high-revving naturally aspirated motor and a fair-dinkum manual transmission, the car sits alongside the 911 GT3 and GT3 RS as a lightweight driver-oriented option.


Familiar from the 911 GT3 RS, power is produced via a horizontally-opposed six-cylinder engine. From its naturally-aspirated four-litre donk, the 911R makes 368kW and 460Nm of torque which allows the rear-engined machine to shoot from 0-100km/h in just 3.8 seconds.

Managing the power, and keeping in line with the car’s ‘sports car’ nature, is a six-speed manual transmission. The onboard Porsche Stability Management system has been specially adapted for the 911R, featuring a double-declutch function that allows for ‘perfect’ downshifts.


A Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake package is fitted as standard, with rotors measuring 410mm (front) and 390mm (rear). A set of 20-inch lightweight wheels are wrapped in ‘ultra high-performance’ tyres measuring 245mm (front) and 305mm (rear).

Most notable about the car is its weight, the 911R weighs just 1370kg, thats 50kg lighter than its GT3 RS sibling. This was achieved partly by the use of carbon-fibre, magnesium and plastic body components.

Design cues from both the GT3 and the Carrera have been implemented, a retractable rear wing, a redesigned spoiler lip and a rear underbody diffuser are bespoke. A continuous red or green stripe over the entire mid-section harks back to its 60’s predecessor.

The 911R features carbon bucket seats and just like the first 911, Pepita tartan fabric panels can be found throughout the interior.


Australia will receive a very limited number of units and are priced from $404,700 (excluding statutory and dealer charges) with deliveries expected towards the end of 2016.



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