BMW will use its partnership with MotoGP to showcase its latest M Division machine, the M2.

M2 safety 3

The M Division has been the official MotoGP Car since 2006, a partnership that has led to the introduction of several new M Cars over the years. The list includes the debut of the M6 Gran Coupe as Safety Car in 2013, followed by the M4 in 2014.

Testing with a new water injection system in the M4, that will now make its production debut in 2016’s M4 GTS, was conducted at MotoGP events in 2015, showing that this relationship goes beyond the flash and into authentic dynamic development.

M2 safety 2

Fresh for the 2016 season the 272kW M2 Safety Car has been tweaked with M Performance Parts including the ‘flap’ exhaust and ‘lowered thread’ chassis with coil-over suspension. Carbon-ceramic brakes, that are optional on M3 and M4 road cars, have also been adapted.

Obviously, safety items and lighting systems have also been added. An adjustable CFRP rear wing has also been utilised to trim the M2’s aero to suit.

M2 safety 4

Much of the additional aesthetic kit, known tantalisingly as ‘prototype parts’ has been painted gold, giving you an indication of what other items may filter through onto production BMW M cars of the future.

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