As we previously reported, Ford Australia confirmed the revival of the Falcon Sprint name but without any hint of what spec we could expect. Ford has now revealed the information we really wanted to know for the 1400 limited edition models available from May this year.

Both XR6 and XR8 will come in Sprint guise, with the XR8 producing figures of 345kW at 5750rpm and 575Nm from 2220-6250rpm via its supercharged 5.0-litre V8, while the XR6 will produce 325kW at 6000rpm and 576Nm at 2750rpm (20kW less but 1Nm more than the XR8), making the 4.0-litre six-cylinder turbo the highest torque producing engine to be built in Australia for a road car. The XR6 engine has been reconfigured with a larger intercooler, larger air intake system and bigger injectors to help it into Aussie history books.


Rendering by Trailing Throttle

Both the six and eight will also feature ‘transient overboost’, which will temporarily – and considerably – increase power for around 10 seconds. Ford estimates that with this function will bloom outputs to around 400kW and 650Nm for the XR8, and 370kW and 650Nm for the XR6. No official figures have been confirmed but we can expect a 0-100km/h sprint somewhere around 4.5sec.

Both models will receive exterior changes, including 19-inch black wheels, six-piston front and four-piston rear Brembo brakes with gold-painted calipers, rear black lip-spoiler, revised front fog lamps and black headlamp surrounds. The XR8 Sprint receives additional definition with a silhouette black painted roof and wing mirrors.

Exterior colours available are Winter White at no additional cost, and Smoke, Kinetic, Silhouette, Aero Blue and Victory Gold as $500 options.

Inside there are bespoke leather and suede seats, a special gear shifter and unique to Sprint gauges.

While production seems very limited for what is possibly the last Falcon ever made, only 300 ED Falcon XR8 Sprints were produced.

Of the 1400 models available, there will be 550 XR6s and 850 XR8s, and 150 of those will be shipped to New Zealand customers (50 XR6s and 100 XR8s). Pricing for the XR8 Sprint is $59,990 with manual transmission. Opting for the automatic will add $2,200, for a total of $62,190 excluding on-roads.

The XR6 Sprint is the more affordable, the auto-only six-pot priced at $54,990 excluding on-roads.



Specs  XR6 Sprint
Power 325 kW at 6,000rpm
Torque 576 Nm at 2,750rpm


Specs  XR8 Sprint
Power 345 kW at 5,750rpm
Torque 575 Nm at 2,220 – 6,250 rpm


XR6 and XR8 Sprint customers will have a choice of six colours for their vehicles with the ‘hero’ colours being Victory Gold for the XR8 and Smoke for the XR6.

Exterior Body Colour

Falcon XR6 Sprint

Falcon XR8 Sprint

Winter White (solid paint)


Aero Blue



Victory Gold

Manufacturers List Pricing (Excluding on-roads)

Falcon XR6 Sprint
Auto only $54,990
Falcon XR8 Sprint
Manual $59,990
Auto $62,190

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  • BrianDH

    “making the 4.0-litre six-cylinder turbo the highest torque producing engine to be built in Australia for a road car”. I love the Sprint and have just secured a white XR6 Sprint but I would have said the crown for torque goes to HSV GTS VF, wouldn’t you? At 740nm it takes the cake. Unless I’m missing something and it is measured at HSV a different way? Can anyone enlighten me please? Cheers BDH.

    • While both cars are aussie built, the 6.2 litre LSA engine in the GTS is built at GM’s Silao facility in Mexico, while the Ford unit is produced down under.

      You’re lucky to have picked one up, I’ve heard only some XR8 autos are left!

      • BrianDH

        Quite correct Alex, thanks. I should have realised that and was thinking ‘cars’ not ‘engines’ as I should have. Absolutely disgusting tragedy we are losing cars like this from Australian manufacture. Both Ford Aus and Holden have created some of the most amazing cars with very little development money compared to the deep pockets overseas. Those Aussie men and women responsible should feel so proud and accomplished. We have a lot for which to thank the workers and designers. Aussie ingenuity will have to find new outlets after 2017. Happily, some of the people are retained in design work. Greatful for small blessings! Cheers, Brian.