The Mazda RX-Vision concept was awarded with the ‘Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year’ title at the 31st Festival Automobile International in Paris. The winner of the prestigious distinction was decided by a panel of judges which are experts from a wide variety of disparate fields.

Mazda RX-Vision Award

The RX-Vision was nominated alongside the Bentley EXP10 Speed 6, the Peugeot Fractal and the Porsche Mission E, with the Mazda coming out on top as it ‘best embodies pure design creativity and emerging trends’.

The Wankel powertrain paired with a front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout stays true to Mazda’s performance heritage. With a smoothly sculpted body, lauded lines and an aggressive stance, we can’t help but recognise design cues from the late RX-7, which was widely acknowledged as a remarkable sportscar in its time.

Could this be a hint towards the return of the rotary? We certainly hope so.

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