Could this be the first AMG-powered Aston Martin V12?

British exotic stalwart Aston Martin has released a teaser video of its upcoming new-generation twin-turbo V12 engine.

The single teaser image displays an engine cover with simple ‘V12’ ‘5.2’ and ‘Twin Turbo’ lettering.

Other details are scarce, though rumours abound that this could be the first fruit of the recent AMG-Aston Martin partnership. It is likely to appear under the sleek bonnet of the DB9 replacement, the DB11, which is due to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Even the legendary Aston Martin isn’t immune to ever-tightening group emissions requirements. The move to the new 5.2-litre Aston Martin twin-turbo V12 follows the recent trend of downsizing capacity and adding turbocharging to create better efficiency, at least on the test bed. Yep, under light and/or constant throttle loads, turbos are more efficient… though on the road with the foot down hard, it’s our experience that a finely-tuned atmo engine will stay closer to its claimed consumption that a turbo donk.

But, we digress. To decide if this new turbo V12 sounds better than the current 5.9-litre atmospheric V12, take a listen to the video and let us know.

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