Limited-run, powered-up Falcon Sprint returns

As Ford Australia moves from local manufacturer to full-line importer, many recent headlines have focused (no pun intended) on the upcoming Focus RS and Mustang hero models.

But while these new halo vehicles add a shine to Ford’s performance future, its local performance reputation, and the engineers behind that heritage, have not packed up just yet.

This singular image demonstrates a return to a legendary nameplate for the brand.

Locally the Falcon Sprint name was seen on the 1993 ED XR8 Sprint, which gave GT-level performance in an understated package.

Now Ford Australia will apply the Sprint badge to both turbocharged six-cylinder and supercharged V8 Falcon XR variants.

Both will be limited edition machines with more power in the best Sprint tradition. Unique Sprint seat embroidery and engine-mounted numbered build plate will further differentiate these last-ditch Ford Australia muscle cars.

The Falcon Sprint program formed part of Ford’s $300 million research and development spend in 2015.  Though key details are yet to be confirmed, expect larger brake packages to go with the power upgrade and unique exterior details including fresh alloy wheels of feature.

We expect the auto-only, turbo six-cylinder variant gain the R-SPEC suspension package found in the XR8, including larger rear rubber.

More details are expected in the next few weeks.

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