In 1996 HSV created 85 limited edition VS GTS-Rs. Essentially it was the 5.7-litre V8 GTS suited up in excessively bright XU-3 Yellah paint with carbon fibre inserts and a rear wing usually reserved for commercial jet liners. Its 215kW could be increased by electing to buy the HRT Optimised engine option, rumoured to deliver around 230kW. At $10,500 the option was an expensive way to gain 15kW on top of the already steep $76,000 price tag.

The whole idea was a bit mad, but Holden is looking to re-introduce the badge in a final salute to the Gen-F. Although no images have been released, Trailing Throttle has whipped out the rendering pen to visualise what we think it might look like.


Potential specs sound fittingly bonkers – a supercharged 6.2-litre V8 producing 475kW and 818Nm of power. There’s whispers of a price that tips over $100,000… But we think the VS GTS-Rs that are still around might just go up a bit too.




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Sometimes known to whisper to gravel, Alex crafted his early childhood driving skills in an old 260z on the back roads of country Australia. Having spent over a decade as an automotive photographer and freelance journalist he combines his wisdom to produce the unique content that is Trailing Throttle. t: @alexsrae

  • FirthFactor

    I only hope! Could be some sticker shock for the wife to deal with

  • Long Time Ford Luvva!

    Dealers are currently taking up to $5,000 deposits – and they can’t confirm anything about the car or even if it will ever exist. I know this a I’ve placed a holding deposit and other dealers would happily accept it too.

    • Have they given you any more information at this stage?

      • Long Time Ford Luvva!

        No, they have given no more info. In fact they are making noises like they don’t believe the rumours themselves. Reading between many lines I sensed a reduced interest in the prospects for such a car at a few different dealerships. I did some deep soul searching and a few sleepless nights and finally requested and got my deposit back. I then walked across the road and gave it to my local Ford dealer for an XR6 Sprint. At least I know they are real and do exist. Best thing I could have done in retrospect. All Aussie and very possibly just as quick , where it counts, as any mythical GTS-R. Who really knows, eh? Oh, my little Falcon will probably save me fuel too!! (if that is important to you :-)). Personally, I love the restyle on the Falc much better than the wide-eyed surprised look of the Commodore anyway. Funny world – I might have spent the next 20 years looking into those wide-open eyes! Now I will see the stunning, aggressive and purposeful visage of the stylish Falcon greet me each drive.
        Anyway, aside from collectability, a GTS-R may not have given any tangible benefits over a well-sorted GTS with a good Walkinshaw or Herrod upgrade. The only exception I can think of would be inclusion of that tasty GM 8-speed transmission. Why the hell VSH can’t give enthusiasts a bit of a heads-up on these things has always escaped me. What harm would it do? Not as if they are fighting for market leadership with Ford or FPV anymore, is it!! I think the collectability is key here. I think I have just as much of that ingredient with my humble little Sprint for years to come. I can do without tech trinkets in the cabin everyone seems to worship these days. The Falcon seating/driving position and comfort, happily, has always agreed with me so as far as I’m concerned I’ve won on all counts. I can sit back in a bemused way now and watch if the GTS-R eventuates. My gut says it won’t but I’m very happy to be proven wrong!

      • Long Time Ford Luvva!

        Oh, nearly forgot – PRICING!!! GTS-R . . . . $120K++. XR6 Sprint . . . . $59,961 on road drive away with towbar and floormats. No brainer really. Technically the GTS-R will probably have higher grade hardware, I’m sure (8-speed??) but what the Falcon does have is the turbo-six wundmotor born right here in Aus, along with S-spec suspension built around Pirelli P-zeros. How could ya not love that for $59K? Right decision? ONLY time and drive satisfaction will tell. I’ve placed my bet and it can’t be removed.