Audi has unveiled an updated version of its flagship performance sedan, the S8 plus.


As you likely suspected, the ‘plus’ in the name, signifies the substantial gains in power, even as opposed to the to the mighty regular S8. With 445kW of power, and an aluminium body, this super saloon is set to give the S 63 Merc more than a run for its money.

For the S8 plus, Audi and Quattro GmbH made further advancements to Audi’s 4.0 TFSI V8 engine. One of the most elaborate modifications made was the inner geometry of the turbochargers which were optimised for efficiency. The detailed engine specifications are as follows; the four-litre twin-turbo V8 has a power output of 445kW, 63kW over the standard S8. The car has a torque rating of 700Nm, though is capable of short 750Nm bursts when overboost is activated. The sprint to 100km/h can be achieved in 3.8sec and will reach its electronic limiter at 250km/h with ease. Fortunately, this can be increased to 305km/h should you attain the dynamic package, a feature obviously fitted as standard for the German domestic market.


The dynamic package not only de-governs the speed limiter, but adds carbon-fibre reinforced ceramic brakes with anthracite-grey brake calipers. The package will also feature a sport exhaust system which is modified by Quattro GmbH, said to give the S8 plus ‘an unmistakably sporty V8 sound characteristic’.

Adaptive air suspension and sport and dynamic steering were tuned by chassis experts exclusively for the S8 plus. The Audi is equipped with an eight-speed tiptronic transmission which distributes the V8 power through to a quattro drivetrain that’s equipped with a sport differential. Grabbing the road are a set of 275/35 tyres, each on a 21-inch wheel.

Cosmetically, the S8 plus stands out amongst its competitors. When optioned for, the car is covered in carbon-fibre touches. The two gloss black tailpipes, the tinted tail lights, and the gloss black diffuser are some of, what Audi calls, ‘distinctive design characteristics of the S8 plus’.

The S8 plus incorporates Matrix LED technology with dynamic turn signals. Enter the car via its power-assisted doors and you will find numerous ‘sporty’ details including Arras red stitching used throughout the black leather interior, and a black Alcantara headlining and parcel shelf. Brushed aluminium, and stainless steel accents complete the hot S8’s interior.

The Audi S8 plus will hit Australian shores in 2016. Audi will announce pricing and specification closer to the market launch.


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