In preparation for its official unveiling at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, Ferrari has announced the launch of its gorgeous 488 Spider.


As with most Ferrari convertibles, this drop-top supercar is ‘aimed squarely at clients seeking open-air motoring pleasure in a high-performance sports car with an unmistakable Ferrari engine sound’. Therefore, the 488 Spider is designed to have its own distinct exhaust tone; this is thanks to its equal-length extractors and flat-plane crankshaft. A study of harmonics and tonality was conducted at different engine speeds in an effort to perfect the soundtrack.

Sitting behind the driver, and Ferrari’s patented retractable hard top, is the same mid-rear mounted engine that recently made its debut in the 488 GTB. As opposed to the previous 458 Spider’s engine, the new power plant is 73kW more powerful and produces lower C02 emissions. The 3.9-litre turbocharged V8 makes a staggering 692kW of power and 760Nm of torque. From a standstill the car will see 100km/h in 3.0sec; keep it pinned for another 5.3sec and the car will reach 200km/h.


To compensate for structural rigidity loss, the 488 Spider has a spaceframe chassis that is built using 11 types of aluminium and other noble metals. As a result, the car has the same torsional rigidity and beam stiffness as the coupe. Ferrari’s RHT or Retractable Hard Top folds backwards to sit flush with the engine and takes just 14sec to retract or deploy.

Using a sophisticated simulator, Ferrari was able to improve the car’s electronics before the first prototype was built. It was in this process that Ferrari designed the electronics to be in sync with the cars mechanical set-up. Thanks to the SSC2 or Side Slip Angle Control System, 488 Spider has 12 per cent faster acceleration out of corners than its predecessor.


The team that designed the 488 had a huge focus on aero components. A blown spoiler and special underbody that incorporates vortex generators allow the car to be the most aerodynamically efficient convertible that Ferrari has ever built.

The premiere of the Ferrari 488 Spider will be held in September at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, but for now, the car can be seen in the new Blu Corsa livery right here at Trailing Throttle.

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