I’ve made it to Jyväskylä in Finland and for the afternoon our group’s host Hyundai Motorsport has taken us to the city centre to watch Special Stage 10 Harju.


The short 2.27km stage runs through Jyväskylä and unlike all other stages in Finland the track is narrow, technical and not free flowing. However the location provides great access for locals who create an almost intimate atmosphere, lining the streets with camping chairs, eskies full of cold beer and the smell of grilled sausages.

Each car starts only a few minutes apart and the sound of the WRC cars carving their way through the short stage sparks cheers and whistles from the crowd, turning to a roar as Finnish driver Latvala and co-driver Anttila come barking through.


Today I’m off to the woods to hopefully see some cars get air over famous Finnish bumps. I think I might just have to do the local thing too, and find a camp chair.



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