Japanese luxury brand Lexus has developed the first car to display a ‘heartbeat’ on its exterior.

In collaboration with M&C Saatchi, this one of a kind V8-powered Lexus RC-F uses an intricate electrical system to display the driver’s heartbeat on the body of the car. Lexus says that the heartbeat is a ‘demonstration of advanced technology and the connection between man and machine’.

When you hop in to the Japanese V8, and connect yourself to the inbuilt heart rate monitor, the car will transmit your heartbeat to the car’s onboard computer. This data will then be captured, processed and converted to an electrical charge that is sent through the RC-F’s body panels and into the electroluminescent paint. Developed by Lumilor, the special paint will glow as each electrical charge is fired.

Sean Hanley, the Lexus Australia chief executive said, “These activities underline the new, bold way we are behaving across all areas of the Lexus business.”

“The heartbeat car also links to another key part of our brand – high performance vehicles – via our F brand, and the emotional response a person gets from a machine like the RC F coupe,” Hanley added.

“No matter the innovative technology we display and bring to market, our commitment to delivering the ultimate luxury customer experience remains the foundation of the Lexus brand.”

Regardless of the heartbeat car’s questionable application in the real world, it is clear that Lexus is committed to innovation, and providing cutting-edge luxury cars that may, one day, rival the Germans.

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