For almost 20 years Volvo has partnered with fellow Swedes Polestar to develop motorsport racing cars and high performance production variants of vehicles that customarily hold a reputation for safety and family oriented luxury.

Last year’s S60 and V60 Polestar enhanced models were very successful and displayed the potential of the Swedish alliance. Limited to only 50 units, the six-cylinder turbocharged all-wheel drive cars surprised the Australian market with just how capable a Volvo can be.

Coming off the back of this success, Volvo has now bought 100 per cent of the Polestar brand which will become the icon for high performance Volvos worldwide, along the lines of AMG for Mercedes-Benz.


“Driving a Volvo Polestar is a special experience. We have decided to bring this experience to more Volvo drivers, placing the full resources of Volvo behind the development of Polestar as the model name for our high performance cars,” said Håkan Samuelsson, president and chief executive of Volvo Cars.

In Europe, Volvo is the biggest manufacturer of plug-in hybrid cars, and thanks to its ‘advanced vehicle electrification technology’ Volvo is developing and building some of the best performing hybrid cars in the industry. Polestar now plans to utilise Volvo’s ‘twin engine electrification technology’ in future performance cars.

Current owners will benefit from the merger with the availability of aftermarket hot-up packages for existing Volvos. The ‘Polestar Performance Optimisation kits’ are said to offer increased mid-range engine performance, supporting changes for the transmission and throttle tweaks to make the car more dynamic to drive.

Financial details are currently undisclosed, but the manoeuver is sure to sell more cars for Volvo in the long run. It’s great to see Volvo taking the performance bracket of the automotive industry seriously, and just like the S60 and V60 Polestars we enjoyed driving, we look forward to sampling the next chapter of the Volvo Polestar adventure.

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