As part of its 105th anniversary celebrations Alfa Romeo has officially revealed its Giulia sports sedan in Milan, Italy. With 380kW, four doors and curves that would put the BMW 3 Series to shame, the Alfa Romeo Giulia may very well be Alfa’s most important car in years.


We are still in the dark as to the specifications of lower models, but Alfa Romeo has let it be known that the top-line model, the Quadrifolglio Verde  (green four-leaf clover, Alfa’s traditional racing ‘badge’), will have a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 that is said to be inspired by Ferrari technologies. Thanks to its carbon fibre components the Quadifolgio Verde will weigh around 1500kg, with ‘Active Aero’, perfect 50/50 weight distribution and torque vectoring operated via a dual-clutch system to allow individual wheel control, promising that the Italian super-sedan will handle corners with ease… as well as dispatch 100km/h in 3.9sec. BMW’s M-Division and Mercedes-AMG have been put officially on notice.

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia will use a multi-link rear suspension setup, allowing a strong blend of control while retaining ride comfort. The front will be equipped with double-wishbone suspension with a ‘semi-virtual’ steering axis that was implemented to guarantee ‘rapid, accurate steering’.

Active Aero will manage downforce in real-time and this, along with many other electronic features, will be controlled by ‘Chassis Domain Control’, which allows the car to be performance-orientated yet comfortable. Of course the driver will be able to modify the Giulia’s dynamic behaviour with three modes as per recent Alfa Romeo practice: Dynamic, Natural, Advanced Efficient, and – most – importantly, Racing.

Alfa Romeo was able to achieve an incredible power-to-weight ratio of under 4kg/kW, made possible by using ‘ultralight’ materials whenever possible. Carbon fibre is found all around the car, being used for the propeller shaft, bonnet and roof, while aluminium is used for the engine, brakes and suspension. Despite the use of light materials, Alfa Romeo claims that the car will have the best torsional rigidity in its class.

Fiat Chrysler Australia President and CEO Pat Dougherty has confirmed that the new Alfa Romeo Giulia will arrive in Australia, although timings have not yet been announced. Expect to see the Euro Giulia order book to open in 2016, with local deliveries soon after.


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  • Greg S Nag

    Love it. Italian thoroughbred. M3 buyers have a lot more to think about now.

  • Adam

    Rear-wheel drive with possible all-wheel drive to come. All that grunt and those looks. Are we seeing the true resurrection of Alfa Romeo, finally?