There’s nothing worse than when the fifth of six Weber carburettors on your Lamborghini Miura is running a bit rich. Before that turns into an engine fire (please do not google ‘Miura on fire’, it’s heart-breaking) you need to put it on a ship back to Sant’Agata Bolognese and have the carbs tuned at Lambo’s relaunched restoration centre.

Curiously named polo storico (historic pole, literally – but think of it as the centrepoint of Lamborghini history), the reborn centre will serve as a location for Lamborghini historic archives, which includes available data for all Lambo models along with original technical schemes, body colours and other significant historic publications. A certification service for those seeking to purchase, or learn more, about a Lamborghini is also included.

Most significant is the heritage service. This arm can offer genuine spare parts, or where none are available, reproduce to original drawings or obtain through original suppliers. Furthermore, everything from a service to a full authentic restoration will be available at polo storico, adding genuine cachet for those seeking to enter their Lamborghini into myriad classic car events world-wide.

Lamborghini Miura SV yellow polo storico



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