Just before the New York International Auto Show is set to open, McLaren has taken the covers off its new 570S Sports Series Coupe. Two models are offered in the Sports Series range, the 540C (to be unveiled at Shanghai Motor Show and aimed primarily at Asian-Pacific markets) and the flagship 570S Coupe. Each is named, as per recent McLaren road car tradition, after its power output in PS.

McLaren 570S (1)

Although pricing has not been confirmed, the expected price range for the more powerful 570S is to be slightly above key competition such as Porsche’s 911 Turbo S ($431,300 in Australia).

While priced more competitively than any McLaren of the past, director of sales and marketing, Joylon Nash, alluded that the 570S will retain the exclusivity and heart of a true McLaren: “You’re also talking in the overall scheme of McLaren sales not going over 4,000 cars, so it’s still extremely exclusive,” he said, though he added that he expected Sports Series to account for over half of that figure.

On-paper specs for the 570S reveal a true competitor for the likes of Porsche’s 911, Audi’s R8 and Mercedes-Benz’s AMG GT. A modified version of the familiar dry-sumped McLaren 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 will produce 419kW at 7400rpm and 600Nm at 5,000-6,500rpm, promising prodigious performance from the 1313kg mid-engine, rear-wheel drive 570S.

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As expected acceleration is quick, reaching 0-100km/h in 3.2sec, 0-200km/h in just 9.5sec and a top speed of 328km/h.

McLaren 570S uses a modified version of the seven-speed twin-clutch SSG (Seamless Shift Gearbox) found in the 650S, offering snappy shifts and ‘Normal’, ‘Sport’ or ‘Track’ modes.

McLaren 570S (2)

Underpinning the vehicle is a revised and unique carbon-fibre chassis, the MonoCell II. Reducing complexity in design has allowed for a frame that weighs less than 80kg and is 25 per cent stiffer than a similarly-designed aluminium chassis. Modifications to McLaren’s MonoCell II have been focused on day-to-day usability and fine tuning the load paths from the front and rear aluminium structures to the carbon-fibre chassis.

McLaren 570S (3)

The Sports Series is the little sibling to the Super Series and Ultimate Series (not available in Australia), however, visually, the 570S is unmistakably ‘McLaren’. Combined with some very good on-paper specs, McLaren’s 570S could provide entry to the exclusive British marquee for those not wanting to spend ‘too much’ on a sports car.




0-100 km/h 3.2 seconds
0-200 km/h 9.5 seconds
Top speed 328 km/h
Power-to-weight 3.13kg/kW


Engine Configuration 3799cc twin-turbocharged V8
Power 419kW at 7,400 rpm
Torque 600Nm at 5,000-6,500 rpm
Transmission 7 Speed SSG
CO2 258 g/km
Economy 25.5 mpg / 9.22 l/100 km (EU combined)


Dry weight 1313 kg with lightweight options
Weight distribution 42 / 58
Length 4,530mm
Width 2,095mm
Height 1,202mm


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  • Mark Kelly

    I like the B&W Nautilus inspired centre tweeter though it would be highly directional. I’m sure the B&W guys know what they’re doing though!

    • Alex Rae

      Good pick-up Mark, a B&W 12-speaker option will also be available for the 570s. Some very fine British engineering joining together.

  • So that’s what that thing is! I’d be too focused on the road ahead to care about the audio 🙂