Lotus has released images of the Elise 20th Anniversary Special Edition, which will be released to the UK market (and some Euro countries) and is currently being evaluated for Australia.

Based on the Elise S Club Racer, the Elise 20th Anniversary Special Edition will offer ‘classic Elise colour schemes’ including blue, green, yellow and silver, but more importantly will have its weight reduced by a further 10kg, to a scant 914kg.

First unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor show in September 1995, the Lotus Elise was a return to lightweight form for the iconic British brand, its pioneering bonded aluminium chassis paving the way for others to follow. Almost 32,000 have been sold globally since.

The Lotus Elise 20th Anniversary is powered by the same Toyota-sourced 162kW 1.8-litre supercharged four-cylinder engine found in the Elise S Club Racer. It accelerates the lithe Elise to 100km/h in 4.6sec yet consumed only 5.9L/100km; lightweight at work.

Weight reduction is achieved via the use of forged wheels, a body-colour lightweight centre console and specific seats trimmed in either leather or alcantara. A sport mode comes standard and varies throttle response and traction management programs.

The Elise 20th Anniversary is identified by the matt black rear diffuser, wing mirrors, roll hoop cover and rear ‘transom’. Model-specific decals are located on the dashboard and seats, as well as above the side indicators.

At this stage supply to the Australian market is “under investigation”. We’ll update once that investigation is concluded.






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