The order book for the new, twin-turbocharged Mercedes-AMG C 63 S has been opened ahead of the model’s launch in the third quarter of 2015.

Mercedes C 63 S

Available from launch in both sedan and estate (wagon) forms, pricing for the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S has been confirmed at $154,900 (plus on-road costs) for the sedan, and $157,400 (plus on-road costs) for the estate.

The 2015 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S will be the first AMG C-Class to sport turbocharging. The previous 6.2-litre naturally-aspirated V8 has been consigned to history, replaced with a smaller-capacity 4.0-litre unit with twin turbochargers. The engine is closely related to the one found under the new Mercedes-AMG GT S’s elongated bonnet.

Mercedes-AMG says the C 63 S develops 375kW from 5500-6250rpm, yet consumes only 8.6L/100km on the combined cycle. While the previous C 63 Edition 507 almost matched the current car’s kilowatt output (373kW at 6800rpm), it swallowed 12.1L/100km in the process. The new car also generates considerably more torque, with 700Nm from 1750-4500rpm playing 610Nm at 5200rpm; a look at the peak torque revs really shows you the respective engine’s strengths. The new Mercedes-AMG C 63 S sedan will accelerate to 100km/h in 4.0sec, with the estate taking 0.1sec longer.

Mercedes C 63 S Interior

AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension is installed as standard, with electronically-controlled dampers, electronic rear locking differential and a range of drive programmes available via the familiar AMG DYNAMIC SELECT functionality. Wheels of 19-inch diameter are factory-fit, though a range of larger wheels will be available. Of course, the interior is swathed in nappa leather and a panoramic sunroof is also standard.

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