The 85th International Geneva Motor Show will form the backdrop to the unveiling of perhaps the most exciting supercar of all: the McLaren P1 GTR.

McLaren P1 GTR rear three quarter

Following on from the design concept shown at Pebble Beach six months ago, the ‘track-dedicated’ McLaren P1 GTR is ready for limited production. The launch livery pays homage to McLaren F1 GTR chassis 06R, which participated at Le Mans 20 years ago. The livery will be available to those accepted into the McLaren P1 GTR Driver Programme, that commences at the Circuit de Catalunya later in 2015.

McLaren P1 GTR front

The IPAS powertrain has been significantly reworked for service in the McLaren P1 GTR. The 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine generates 800PS (588kW), with an additional 200PS (149kW) immediately available via a lightened electric motor. For the observant, that equates to 1000PS. The componentry used within the powertrain have been optimised for the sustained high speed running the P1 GTR will no doubt experience, while features designed specifically for road use have been removed to reduce weight.

Compared to the road-going P1, the McLaren P1 GTR has an 80mm wider front track and it sits 50mm lower to the ground thanks to a deep front splitter. It rides on centre-locking 19-inch alloys sporting Pirelli slicks, and the lowered bodywork features an aero ‘blade’ that cleans the airflow passing over the car at speed.

McLaren P1 GTR interior

A weight saving of 50kg over the road-going P1 is claimed. Side windows are now polycarbonate, the road car’s glass roof panels have been replaced with carbon fibre and the engine bay cover is also finished in carbon fibre. The exhaust system is a work of art, the Inconel and titanium alloy piping saving 6.5kg over the road equivalent.

A fixed rear wing sits proudly on the McLaren P1 GTR’s rump. It sits on carbon fibre pylons at 400mm above the rear bodywork; some 100mm higher than the adjustable-wing of the road-going P1. It works in conjunction with the front aero ‘flaps’, mounted ahead of the front wheels, to increase overall downforce by 10 per cent. This equates to a mind-boggling 660kg of downforce at 240km/h. Of course, the drag reduction system remains operable, trimming the wing’s pitch from 32 degrees to zero to improve straight-line speed.

The McLaren P1 GTR will be on-show at Geneva alongside the recently-announced McLaren 675LT.

McLaren P1 GTR rear





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