Seasoned racer Jörg Müller has been given first crack at driving the BMW M6 GT3 racer, which is due to debut on the International endurance racing scene in 2016.


The BMW M6 GT3’s initial track test was recently conducted at BMW’s Dingolfing, Germany facility, where Muller was positive about the new machine’s potential: “It is a fantastic moment when you walk into the garage and see this stunningly beautiful car. I am very proud to have taken it out for its first few kilometres. A roll-out is obviously just an initial performance test but, on the whole, everything was very good and we had no problems. The engine really impressed me. It is powerful and has good torque, which is important for a car like this. I am confident that BMW Motorsport will provide its customers with a fantastic racing car, in the BMW M6 GT3.”

The engine he refers to is based on the 4.4-litre TwinPower V8 production engine found in the road-going M5 and M6. With dry-sump lubrication and other racing modifications including a category-required inlet restrictor, the engine produces in excess of 373kW; less than the road-going M6’s 412kW. The BMW M6 GT3 is much lighter than the production variant, weighing less than 1300kg.

Additional alterations include a transaxle-mounted six-speed sequential racing gearbox and an aero system optimised in BMW’s own wind tunnel. BMW Motorsport also developed and produced the FIA-approved safety cell, focusing on safety as well as efficiency, ease of maintenance and reliability, all key factors in ensuring finished in races which will last up to 24 hours.

The BMW M6 GT3 will take over from the current V8-powered Z4 GT3 as the factory racer when it debuts next year.






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